Bridge Inspection Leader Aspen Aerials Developing European Bridge Inspection Equipment

Feb 4, 2020 | Articles, Industry News

Aspen Aerials, the North American leader in bridge inspection equipment, is currently developing bridge inspection equipment for European markets. Presented by the Versalift European Distribution Group, the first Aspen Aerials A-62 will be available for demonstration during the Summer of 2020. The Aspen Aerials A-62, which is purpose-built for large European bridges, has a horizontal reach of 62’ and requires no outriggers for efficient operation. Able to clear 14’ fences and reach over 14’ sidewalks, the European A-62 is additionally equipped with unique features, including telescoping 4th boom and 180° rotating platform. These features will enable European bridge inspection engineers to efficiently access tight areas to complete thorough inspections.


Aspen Aerials – A Time Manufacturing Company

Aspen Aerials, which is based in Duluth, Minnesota, has been designing and manufacturing bridge innovative and efficient bridge inspection trucks for the North American market for decades. Acquired by Time Manufacturing Company in 2018, Aspen Aerials has come to dominate its existing market. As a Time Manufacturing Company, Aspen Aerials has the opportunity to expand into new markets, pushing into Europe and beyond.


Aspen Aerials produces a range of bridge inspection trucks, each of which has specific height, maneuverability and reach advantages. Because Aspen Aerials equipment never requires the use of outriggers, the process of bridge inspection moves efficiently, and vehicle and pedestrian traffic flow is not significantly impeded. Outriggers can damage the deck of any bridge, which is an unnecessary cost and inconvenience, and is part of why Aspen Aerials bridge inspection equipment has been so widely embraced in North America.


Versalift International – A Time Manufacturing Company

Versalift Denmark is the home of Time International, which is the hub of international sales activity for Versalift aerial lifts equipment. Versalift Denmark has earned its excellent reputation for high first-time quality, product innovation and on-time delivery. Across Europe, Versalift is a dominant, top-tier brand. Versalift UK is the dominant player in its field, holding greater than 80% market share. Established more recently in 2016, Versalift France has experienced 80% annual growth over the past two years, and employs 55 associates in 3 locations. With more than 400 team members across Europe, Versalift is growing quickly,with the 2019 launch of distributor locations in Ireland and Spain.


Bridge Inspection Across Europe

European bridge inventory is heavier in density to that in the United States, with tens of thousands of bridges spanning thousands of kilometers. Transportation infrastructure across the developed world is aging, and this fact is reflected in tragic news stories, such as the Genoa bridge collapse in August of 2018. Delivered through Versalift distributors in Europe, Aspen Aerials equipment is positioned to deliver highly efficient bridge inspection trucks to both European bridge inspection fleets, and contractor organizations that are certified for European bridge inspection.


Bridge Inspection in the European Union is a mostly standardized process among the 27 EU member nations. With that said, each of the countries in the EU have historically had their own construction standards, which means that there is no existing universal construction standard. Many bridges in Europe were built in the 1950’s and are approaching the end of their design lives. Every four years, the EU publishes a report on the condition of its bridge infrastructure, pointing to existing challenges and solutions, as well as new research and technology that can be useful in maintaining a satisfactory level of repair. Similar to the United States, every bridge in the European inventory must be periodically inspected, and it’s status must be updated. In 2017, Europe adopted a transportation research and innovation agenda, which was enacted to address infrastructure safety across Europe.


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