Bridge inspection Equipment service school

Bridge Inspection Equipment Service School is located in our facility in Duluth, MN. Please click the button below to reserve your spot.

Bridge Inspection Equipment Service School

Next Date: September 16-18th, 2024 in Duluth, Minnesota

Bridge Inspection Equipment Service School Brochure – Download

Bridge Access Equipment Service School at Aspen Aerials is broadly popular among bridge inspection technicians and engineers who routinely use Aspen Aerials equipment. Even the most experienced operators and technicians can benefit from Aspen Aerials Factory Service School. The combination of classroom learning and hands-on equipment troubleshooting creates a good opportunity for ongoing learning in subjects including hydraulic systems, electric controls and limit functions.

Bridge inspection professionals can expect to review and learn the principles of safe operation, on state of the art equipment, at the Aspen Aerials manufacturing facility. Over the two days and three nights they are there, they will have several opportunities to inspect our new equipment and to learn from each other.

Highlights of this year’s Aspen Aerials Factory Service School include

  • Classroom instruction
  • Hands-on maintenance training
  • Safe equipment setup and operation
  • ANSI A92.22 & A92.24 Safety inspection review

Space is limited at our popular Bridge Inspection Equipment Service School, so please contact us to book your seat today!

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Because North American bridge inspection engineers, contractors, service providers and other companies are required to keep their operators and service technicians trained and certified to maintain bridge inspection equipment, Aspen Aerials provides annual training for the industry’s top professionals. At Aspen Aerials Equipment Service School, technicians, inspectors and engineers benefit from staying up-to-date on the most recent safety and regulatory procedures, as well as the latest technology on the brand new bridge inspection equipment. Space is limited and fills up quickly, so it’s a good idea to submit your application early to reserve a spot.

  • For two days and three nights, Aspen Aerials dedicates its state of the art facility for the benefit of service school which includes both hands-on and classroom learning.
  • Service School participants will spend time inspecting new Aspen Aerials equipment and learning the key points of what is new and how to operate the equipment safely and efficiently.
  • Classroom instruction will include both group and individual learning.
  • There will be hands-on practical learning for both groups and individuals.
  • Subjects covered will include equipment troubleshooting for system components such as hydraulic systems, electric controls and limit functions.
  • Aspen Aerials Equipment Service School instructors also train technicians on the principles of safe setup and operation and provide a detailed ANSI A92.22 & A92.24 safety inspection review.

The cost of Aspen Aerials Equipment Service School is $2,725. This includes meals, 3 nights of lodging, local transportation and training materials and supplies. Get all of the details on our Equipment Service School page at

Space is limited: Contact Cami or Darin at Product Support Personnel at (218) 624-1111 to reserve your seat today.