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Bridge inspection equipment features

Aspen Aerials have some of the most innovative and cost saving features in the industry. Including advanced maneuvering, rotating platforms, telescoping 4th boom, and interchangeable platform options.

Features that set Aspen Aerials apart from our competitors


Telescopic Fourth Boom

The Aspen A-62, A-62T and A-75 have the capability of providing inspectors with up to 16’ of vertical working reach through the use of its telescopic 4th boom section. This fully hydraulic feature will enable you to get up and behind your deepest girders for a close-up inspection.

Interchangeable Platform Option

For maximum flexibility, select models of Aspen Aerial units can be fitted with either of two fully-interchangeable platforms. A three person, 3’x5′ aluminum platform comes standard. This 600 lb. inspection platform comes equipped with an easy entry gate and is attached to the end of the articulating fourth boom, providing a full range of movement and articulation. A fiberglass bucket is also available. When the inspection is complete, work can begin!  A large, two or three stage, interchangeable maintenance platform attaches to the end of the second boom. It has a capacity of up  to 1,500 lbs. and provides a large working space for all types of repair work

Threading Truss

The added flexibility of a 180 degree rotating platform makes maneuvering into working positions easy, which has the impact of increasing productivity and improving efficiency. A 40” x 60” platform which hydraulically swivels 90 degrees in each direction, around boom #4, is a standard feature on the Aspen A-62, A-62T and A-75 models.