Aspen A-62, Kenworth T880, LH


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  • Horizontal Underbridge Reach

    61’-9” / 18.8m

  • Vertical Reach Down

    67’-7” / 20.6m

  • Vertical Reach Up

    51’-6” / 15.7m

  • Product overview

Bridge Inspection Unit – Aspen A-62

Powerful Bridge Inspection Truck with Industry-best Horizontal Reach


NEW Aspen A-62


AVAILABLE: Q3 – 2024


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Bridge Inspection and Maintenance – Aspen A-62

Bridge inspection equipment must be able to provide access to the hardest-to-reach places. This multifunctional unit is capable of manoeuvring around bridges in a way that is unlike any other machine. Additionally, the ASPEN A-62 is equipped with some of the latest technical advances. It has a tremendous horizontal reach of 62 feet and requires no outriggers when operating. The Aspen A-62 is equipped with unique features such as a telescoping 4th boom and a 180-degree rotating platform. These features enable operators to easily get into tight areas behind deep beams.

Stabilizing Systems

The Aspen A-62 is fitted with stabilizing systems which allow operators the advantage of being able to move the truck while the platform is deployed.

As is the case with all Aspen Aerial units, OUTRIGGERS ARE NOT REQUIRED.

  • A full-length subframe provides strength and stability.
  • Axle locks unitize the chassis and truck axles.
  • A counterweight at the base of the pedestal rotates with the unit, always staying within the width of the chassis.
  • A hydraulically sliding counterweight is installed under the truck so that the weight can be positioned in the most optimum counterbalanced position.
  • An interlock system tied to the controls maintains operation within the unit’s full range of stability.
  • A full-color monitor is provided, at the pedestal, enabling operators to constantly monitor boom and turret movements.

Advanced Control System

Bridge inspection equipment can be enhanced with the addition of advanced controls. As the most advanced microprocessor control system available, the “Plus 1” Graphical Terminal Interface includes a color display depicting unit operation and individual function performance while monitoring the unit’s parameters, and hydraulics and enabling simple troubleshooting.

  • Controls with wireless capabilities are included at both operator stations. A communication system is also provided with speakers in the cab, at the turntable, and in the platform. The platform station operates in the “hands-free” mode.

Adjustable Turntable

Two rotating turntables plus multiple articulating and telescoping booms allow the platform to deploy off of either side of the truck to access all of your structures. Turntable number two comes equipped with a levelling system, providing smooth platform movement. In addition, the operator can make manual adjustments of +/- 5 degrees to compensate for the super-elevation of the bridge. Without the requirement for levelling arms, the A-62 offers the latitude to clear fences up to 11 feet tall.

Telescoping and Rotating Platform

  • The Aspen A-62 has the capability of providing bridge inspectors with over 13′ of vertical reach through the use of its telescopic 4th boom section. This fully hydraulic feature will enable technicians to get up and behind the deepest girders for a close-up inspection.
  • Bridge inspection often requires the added flexibility of a 180-degree rotating platform, which makes maneuvering into working positions significantly easier. This has the impact of increasing productivity and efficiency.

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Product Overview

  • Horizontal Underbridge Reach

    61’-9” / 18.8m

  • Vertical Reach Down

    67’-7” / 20.6m

  • Vertical Reach Up

    51’-6” / 15.7m

  • Sidewalk Clearance

    13' / 4m

  • Fence Clearance

    11' / 3.4m

  • Overall Length

    40' / 12.2m


  • Overall Height

    13'-3" / 4m

  • Overall Weight

    64,500 lbs / 29257kg

  • Platform Capacity

    700 lbs / 318kg

  • Platform Rotation

    180 degrees

  • Platform Size

    40" x 60" x 44" / 1016mm x 1524mm x 1118mm

  • Boom No.1 Movement

    +30 to -35 degrees

  • Boom No.2 Movement

    +0 to -105 degrees

  • Boom No.3 Movement

    +90 to -60 degrees

  • Boom No.4 Movement

    +90 to -36 degrees

  • Platform Vertical Reach

    13'-2" / 4m

  • Space Required on Bridge

    102" / 2.5m

  • Walkway Reach

    51' / 15.5m

  • Walkway Capacity

    1,500 lbs / 680kg