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Available: Q3 – 2024

Bridge inspection is a demanding job, requiring highly trained technicians and engineers to safely maneuver specialized equipment into position in order to complete their hands-on inspection and maintenance work. In order to accomplish this task, the right equipment is essential.

Choose the North American market leader for bridge inspection and bridge access equipment, Aspen Aerials, a Time Manufacturing Company.  With a global network of distributors, our bridge inspection equipment is available to companies and governments around the world.

Bridge Inspection trucks and cranes are our complete focus

At Aspen Aerials, our design engineers make a habit of listening and using the feedback and help of bridge inspection professionals. We do this to make sure that the bridge inspection equipment that each of our customers buys meets their specific requirements. We at Aspen Aerials continue to listen to our customers, and the result is a market-leading line of equipment designed with safety, efficiency, durability and ease-of-use in mind.

Bridge Inspection Equipment with a Clear Advantage

Aspen Aerials equipment easily beats the competition because it makes it easier to inspect and maintain bridges with minimal inconvenience to the motoring and walking public, no matter how large or small the bridge is.

“Aspen Aerials bridge inspection trucks do not require outriggers.”

There are several major advantages to not needing outriggers. Outriggers can create a lot of pressure and can sometimes damage the deck of a bridge. Damaging any bridge should be avoided. Outriggers impede the flow of vehicular and pedestrian traffic. Additional lane closures create bottlenecks and inconvenience to the public.

Another advantage of not requiring outriggers is that the truck can move while the boom is deployed, which creates incredible efficiency for the bridge inspection team.

Please contact us with any questions. Our knowledgeable staff can assist you in selecting the correct bridge inspection equipment to support your requirements.


Why refurbish bridge inspection equipment? Even with regular maintenance, a bridge inspection truck with more than a decade of regular use may require refurbishment through the Aspen Aerials Factory Rebuild Program to perform safely and within standards.

A completely refurbished bridge inspection truck that is factory-tested and meets ANSI guidelines will provide fleets with another decade or more of use. Returning Bridge Inspection Trucks to Like-New Condition takes around 120 days to complete from drop-off to delivery. We start with an in-depth inspection and provide a detailed quotation and evaluation, detailing any additional repairs or replacement components. There are several different levels of refurbishment available.

Aspen Aerials, Inc. is the sole service provider for Aspen Aerials Bridge Inspection Units. Our factory-direct approach ensures that the completed work is performed in accordance with manufacturer and ANSI standards.

At Aspen Aerials, we design, manufacture and assemble a complete line of Bridge Inspection Vehicles at our factory in Duluth, Minnesota, USA. Our market-leading products are shipped throughout the world. Bridge inspection professionals embrace our widely-used units, which have grown to become the first choice of bridge inspection professionals in many of the markets we serve.

Bridge Inspection Equipment for the North American Markets

Bridge inspection is an ongoing concern for every government on the globe. In the United States, every state must provide a bi-annual report on the condition of its bridges. Even the smallest US states have thousands of bridges, and inspecting them is a major effort.

Bridge Inspection Equipment for the European Markets

Bridge inspections procedures across Europe are largely standardized. European agencies tend to use their bridge inspection programs to help ensure highway safety, meet durability and serviceability expectations, and enhance capital investment decisions. While European bridge inspections are not required as frequently as they are in the United States, they emphasize quality assurance through well-defined inspector qualifications, occasional recertification of inspectors, data collection, and the use of appropriate equipment to evaluate structures.


Aspen Aerials is growing its capacity to meet the demand for bridge inspection and repair across The United States, Canada and Europe.

The company enjoys a reputation for producing the highest quality, safest and most reliable bridge inspection equipment in the industry. and continues to add additional options and features.

Aspen Aerials is now stocking “ready-to-go” units. Please check availability by contacting our sales team.



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