Europe’s First Aspen Aerials Bridge Inspection Truck Has Been Ordered!

Jul 21, 2021 | Europe, Industry News

Versalift International has taken an order for a new, European compliant Aspen A-62 bridge inspection truck. The Aspen Aerials unit was ordered by Facelift, which is a Sussex-based equipment upfitter and equipment rental company that was recently acquired by AFI-UPFIT.  The highly versatile Aspen A-62, which has more than 20 meters of downward reach, will become part of the Facelift inventory of rental bridge inspection equipment, beginning as soon as early October of 2021. The British construction industry periodical The Construction Index reported the news.


Aspen Aerials Won European Approval For Aspen A-62 Units

Aspen Aerials has met the demanding requirements for excellence as seen by the European manufacturing community.  Having secured a CE Marking for its Aspen A-62 bridge inspection truck, the Aspen A-62 is in compliance with health, safety, and environmental protection standards.

Bridge Inspection Truck Features – The European Aspen A-62

Aspen Aerials bridge inspection trucks are manufactured in Duluth, MN, USA. The Europe-compliant Aspen A-62, reconfigured for export and mounted on a Volvo FM 420 8×4 sleeper cab, has been adapted for the European market through a collaborative effort between Aspen Aerials engineers and the team at Versalift International. From a technical specifications perspective, Aspen A-62 units have a horizontal under-bridge reach of 18.8 metres and a vertical downward reach of 20.6 metres. Interchangeable inspection basket and work platform allow for greater flexibility. Basket capacity for this unit is 272 kg, while the three-stage gantry walkway has a 680 kg (five person) capacity. With multiple articulating and telescoping booms, bridge inspection technicians in one A-62 unit will be able to handle a range of tasks needed to inspect critical infrastructure.


Aspen Aerials A-62 – Versatility

Aspen Aerials A-62 bridge inspection trucks provide versatility without impeding any more than a single lane of vehicle traffic.  This innovative equipment uses rotating, counterweighted turntables to provide stability during operation. No outriggers are ever required for the operation of an Aspen A-62. Aspen Aerials builds equipment that enables efficient and timely use, and it eliminates the possibility of unnecessarily damaging the deck of a bridge. In the UK, Aspen A-62 bridge inspection units will be able to provide inspection and maintenance engineers with clear access to underbridge areas, while spanning as much as 5 metres of sidewalk and 14.5 metres of fence clearance.


Please find additional information on CE Certification here.

Introductory Video on European Bridge Inspection Equipment:

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