Aspen Aerials bridge inspection trucks are the most efficient bridge inspection equipment in the country, and are now available for purchase, at pre-negotiated rates, to more than 60,000 member organizations through Sourcewell. Aspen Aerials equipment can be financed to meet a variety of needs. Sourcewell membership can be understood to be made up of three kinds of organizations: government entities, non-profit entities and educational entities.


Government entities that are responsible for bridge inspection  include municipalities, cities, counties and states. The United States DOT requires state departments of transportation to supply a biannual bridge status report. Additionally, dozens of tribal government entities are Sourcewell members who may have need for Aspen Aerials equipment. Port & transport authorities often maintain their own infrastructure, which requires its own upkeep and inspection.


Benefits of Sourcewell Membership

Members of Sourcewell are able to source a huge variety of items, including other heavy equipment, office supplies, furniture, building materials and technology. Sourcewell creates powerful value for its members by simplifying the entire procurement experience. Versalift is one of more than three hundred Sourcewell vendors.


Purchasing Aspen Aerials Bridge Inspection Equipment through Sourcewell Creates a Powerful Set of Benefits, Including:

  • Transparency – Sourcewell members get a clear picture, so that they understand exactly what they are, and what they are not, buying.

  • Pre-negotiated Prices – Sourcewell members have automatic access to volume-based prices that have been negotiated in advance between Sourcewell and Aspen Aerials, a Time Manufacturing Company.

  • Convenience – Because of pre-established prices, Sourcewell members experience a streamlined, simplified customer administrative process

  • Quality – All approved suppliers match or exceed the rigorous quality standards expected by Sourcewell. As a result, customers avoid the experience of purchasing a low quality unit for the lowest cost and coming away feeling dissatisfied.


Become A Sourcewell Member

Become a Sourcewell member and gain access to member benefits, including pre-negotiated discounts of high quality equipment at


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