Aspen A-40, K, LH


This model combines the complete access of a three person inspection bucket with the workhorse efficiency of a 1,500 pound capacity maintenance walkway

  • No outriggers required
  • Versatile unit with multiple platforms
  • Unmatched maneuverability
  • Right and left deployment
  • Wireless controls

Available Options:

  • Air compressor and air line in platform
  • Generator with electrical outlet in platform
  • Platform heaters & boom-mounted LED work lights
  • Video systems with 3 cameras and color monitor for safe operation
  • On-site training

Bridge Inspection Unit – Aspen A-40 – Versatile Bridge Access Unit with Interchangeable Platform

Bridge Inspection and Maintenance – Aspen A-40

Bridge inspection and maintenance require different tasks and tools. The Aspen Aerials A-40 bridge inspection unit combines the complete access of a three person inspection platform with the workhorse efficiency of a 1,500 lb. capacity maintenance walkway. Your organization can select the one configuration that works best for you, or choose both and eliminate any need to compromise. Changing out the platform takes a total of less than 2 hours, so no task is out of reach.

Interchangeable Platforms for Different Bridge-Related Tasks

Bridge inspection requires versatility because no two bridges are exactly the same. For maximum flexibility, the Aspen A-40 can be fitted with two fully-interchangeable platforms.

  • A three person, 3’x5′ aluminum platform comes standard. This 600 lb. inspection platform comes equipped with an easy entry gate and is attached to the end of the third boom, providing a full range of movement and articulation. A fiberglass bucket is also available.
  • A large 3.5′ x 39′ interchangeable maintenance walkway is also available that attaches to the end of the second boom. It has a 1,500 lb. capacity and provides a large working space for all types of repair work.

Stabilizing Systems

The Aspen A-40 is fitted with stabilizing systems which allow operators the advantage of being able to move the truck while the platform is deployed.

As is the case with all Aspen Aerial units, OUTRIGGERS ARE NOT REQUIRED.

  • A full-length subframe provides strength and stability.
  • Axle locks unitize the chassis and truck axles.
  • A counterweight at the base of the pedestal rotates with the unit, always staying within the width of the chassis.
  • An interlock system tied to the controls maintains operation within the unit’s full range of stability.
  • An indicator panel at the pedestal enables operators to constantly monitor boom and turret movements.

Reach, Range & Flexibility

Three articulating booms and two turntables give the Aspen A-40 the ability to operate in, around, through and over all types of obstructions. Even in close quarters, the Aspen A-40 can be deployed, reaching across wide sidewalks and over high fences to gain access to underbridge areas. Because the vehicle can be moved while the platform is under the bridge, the Aspen A-40 provides even greater range and operating efficiency.

Product Overview

Horizontal Underbridge Reach
44.5 ft
Vertical Reach Down
47.25 ft
Vertical Reach Up
32.83 ft
Sidewalk Clearance
11.5 ft
Fence Clearance
10 ft
Overall Length
37.5 ft


Overall Height
12.5 ft
Overall Weight
58,000 lbs
Platform Capacity
600 lbs
Platform Rotation
Platform Size
40 x 60 x 42
Boom No.1 Movement
+30 to -35 degrees
Boom No.2 Movement
+0 to -105 degrees
Boom No.3 Movement
+90 to -60 degrees
Boom No.4 Movement
Platform Vertical Reach
NA - 0 ft
Space Required on Bridge
102 in
Walkway Reach
39.33 ft
Walkway Capacity
1,500 lbs