Under Bridge Inspection

Under Bridge Inspection Trucks

Aspen Aerials equipment is the leading choice for state and county bridge inspection services in North America, and now Europe. Manufactured, assembled and tested at our facility in Duluth, Minnesota, our market-leading under bridge inspection equipment is widely used across the United States and in Europe. Below you will find stock units that are available for purchase, factory-refurbished units, and a complete roster of Aspen Aerials under bridge inspection truck models.

Stock Units

These under bridge inspection trucks are available for purchase. Click individual unit links for availability dates, details, images and downloads.

Factory Refurbished Units

Refurbished under bridge inspection trucks are available at Aspen Aerials on an ongoing basis. Click individual unit links for chassis details, hydraulic system overview and contact information.


Aspen Aerials offers a complete line of market leading under bridge inspection trucks. Click individual links for detailed product information, downloads and specifications.