Aspen A-75

Bridge Inspection Unit

This long reaching unit makes inspecting your widest bridges possible. Not only is it the largest unit available, but also has the greatest inspection platform capacity, a full 700 lbs. A telescoping 4th boom enables inspectors to access behind your deepest bridge girders.

Stabilizing System

The Aspen A-75 is fitted with stabilizing systems which allow operators the advantage of being able to move the truck while the platform is deployed. As with all Aspen Aerial units, OUTRIGGERS ARE NOT REQUIRED.

  • A full-length subframe provides strength and stability.
  • Axle locks unitize the chassis and truck axles.
  • A counterweight at the base of the pedestal rotates with the unit, always staying within the width of the chassis.
  • A hydraulically sliding counterweight is installed under the truck so that the weight can be positioned in the most optimum counterbalanced position.
  • An interlock system tied to the controls maintains operation within the unit's full range of stability.
  • An indicator panel at the pedestal enables operators to constantly monitor boom and turret movements.

Telescoping 4th Boom

  • The Aspen A-75 has the capability of providing inspectors with over 16 feet of vertical reach through the use of its telescopic 4th boom section. This fully hydraulic feature will enable you to get up and behind your deepest girders for a close-up inspection.

Reach, Range and Manueverability

Four articulating booms and two turntables give the Aspen A-75 the ability to operate in, around, through and over all types of obstructions. The Aspen A-75 can be deployed, reaching across your widest sidewalks and over high fences to gain access to underbridge areas. Because the vehicle can be moved while the platform is under the bridge, the Aspen A-75 provides even greater range and operating efficiency

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