Bridge Inspection Crane Bridge Inspection Crane Bridge Inspection Crane Bridge Inspection Crane Stowed A-62


New Model

Aspen A-62T

15' high fence clearance

Telescoping boom with 17' extended sidewalk reach

More information available soon!

Aspen Aerials - Bridge Inspection Cranes

Bridge inspection is a demanding job, requiring specialized equipment designed to allow workers to maneuver safely into position allowing for hands-on inspection and maintenance work. To accomplish this, the right equipment is essential.

At Aspen Aerials, our design engineers enlisted the help of many bridge professionals to assure that our equipment will meet your demands. We listened, and the result is a line of equipment designed with your bridges in mind. We manufacture bridge inspection units which allow you to work above, below or along side of the your job, and do it with a minimum of inconvenience to the motoring public's routine.

A full line of Bridge Inspection equipment are built at our factory in Duluth, Minnesota, USA and shipped throughout the World. These widely used units are the first choice of bridge professionals. Our knowledgeable staff can assist you in selecting the correct machine for your use.